Why Some Businesses in 2013 Will Close Doors, While Others Will Have Their Best Year Ever

You Could Be Out of Business in 2013 According to Studies By the US Census, But Free Report Reveals Why Many Companies Will Have Their Best Year Ever

You could be out of business in 2013, according to a 2010 Dun and Bradstreet “U.S. Business Trends Report.
Dun & Bradstreet stated that approximately 80,126 local businesses are set to shut down each year because of financial issues that stem from not having enough new customers to stay open.
That is Just the Beginning The latest Dun and Bradstreet data was collected in 2010 – long before the economy was in it’s full downsizing and hit the American small business community like a wildfire.

“Back in 2009, consumers still had money and the banks were still lending it out to most qualified businesses. But since then, the job market has declined further and people are not spending money like they did a few years ago.

But the economy is just the beginning of the problem. When surveyed, many local business owners said that the old school, traditional ways of getting new customers no longer work for them.

Traditional Advertising Doesn’t Get the Phone Ringing

According to an industry study, most local business owners are still advertising in the Phone book to get customers despite the trends that show those methods to be almost useless today.

“How Often do You Use the Phone Book, Really?”

“I don’t think I have used a phone book in over three years. I know that I am not alone on this.”, says marketing consultant Lorita Kimble with KNew Media Consulting in Baltimore.

“I also recently read a statistic that over 92% of the consumers out there searching for a product or a service are searching for it on the Internet – They are not searching in the Phone book or newspapers, or magazines.”

Breaking News: There are Customers Still Out There!

According to online search engine data, over 90,345,205 people are searching for local businesses and services on the Internet every day.

That breaks down to an amazing 62, 739 people searching to hire a local business each and every minute!

According to Kimble, this is a no brainer. “Consumers still need products and services and of course they always will…I don’t care how bad the economy gets. You simply just need to put you business in front where the people who are looking for you are searching. Local businesses that do this will easily have their best year ever.”

And for local business owners who embrace the internet now, the sky is the limit, they will crush the competition.

Contrary to Belief—Number of Consumers is Going Up

According to The Gartner Group, the number of Internet users is growing by 22% per year., with the fastest growing segment being over 55.

That means big growth for local businesses that embrace online means of getting new customers.

“It is like the old game, musical chairs. Where you don’t want to be the one without a chair when the music stops. Those who move fast, I mean now, will come out on top!” further commented Kimble

Kimble says the opportunity for local business owners to grow their business is bigger than ever in history.

“It doesn’t get any better or easier than this because the first onboard are going to be the ones who make the most money and swoop in to eat the competitions lunch.”

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