Why Do Businesses Need Social Media Managers?

Its now an undisputed fact. Every business needs to be involved with the right type of social media and right now businesses are increasingly turning to Social Media as a more cost effective medium for reaching their audience.

Social Media Managers are in high demand and will be certainly for the next 5 years By which time Social Media is expected to be a $3.1 Billion per year industry . As a social media manager myself I’m still flabbergasted when i visit businesses that haven’t even got their employees on LinkedIn or retailers that don’t yet have Facebook Stores. There are many businesses using Facebook Profiles instead of Pages.

Why? Because SME’s simply don’t have the knowledge or time to invest in Social Media presence and are now more concerned with staying solvent than organising their Social Media. Unfortunately what many don’t realise is that dedicating some focus and energy to Social Media is one of the most cost effective ways an business can stay one step ahead of the competition, hence the need for Social Media Managers

Here are the facts:

  • 68% of people are more likely to buy from a positive Facebook friend referral
  • 12% of Retail Businesses have employed full time staff to manage social media
  • 84% of businesses rate THEIR OWN social media efforts as poor or average
  • 23% of businesses monitor social media platforms but dont participate.
  • 73% of people trust peer recommendations of products or services, only 14% trust ads

In the UK the number of British businesses that have employed social media managers has sky-rocketed! A report by EpiServer has revealed that 69% of businesses in the UK will appoint a social media manager this year. 41 percent saying they expect to hire someone in the next 12 months. 28 percent of businesses already have a social media or community manager in place.

  • 44% of businesses see social media as a new channel to properly engage with customers.
  • 43% of business see social media as an opportunity to conduct customer reseach and improve customer retention.
  • 28% reported an increase in sales and turnover thanks to social media
  • 18% see social media as primarily a lead generation tool.
  • Only 5% say they see no benefit.

Bottom line. . . businesses want, need and are actively looking for social media managers.

According to Payscale.com the UK Median Salary for a Social Media Manager is £47,829 running up to £78,297. The US Median Salary for a Social Media Manager is $48,710 running up to £72, 166. Freelance or independent Social Media Managers and Consultants can make way more.

For anyone thinking of embarking on a career as a Social Media Manager or Consultant and want to provide value to businesses in this capacity rest assured that you will be in demand.

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