Why video marketing is so important?

The video is loved by everyone. We have grown and educated to view TV just to be updated, informed and to have fun. We are simply used to it, we regard it as important in our social and even personal development. it’s part of our lives. When we see people on TV, we see them as an important people, people who are separate from the crowd. Definitely it influenced us a lot.

Video is the biggest influence in presenting your product and service. Knowing how to use it properly will help you create social authority online, increase visibility, traffic, and your communication with your prospects. With video your visitors will engage with you and become your customers faster. Video marketing is growing extremely fast. Experts say that video will account for 90% of all Internet traffic by 2012.

More than 48 hours of video footage are uploaded to YouTube every minute and consumers are watching more than 12 hours of video per week.

The Video Marketing StrategyVideo marketing will help you brand your company better than anything else.
Whether it’s education, product demonstrations, or brand building; video marketing will attract and engage your prospects and enhance your SEO rankings.

It allows your customers see the personal, human side of your business and other great benefits like:

  • Exposure – 24/7 viewing over multiple platforms (desktops, tablets, mobile and now TV’s)
  • Ease learning – Most of the people likes to learn viewing a video.
  • Consumer influence – Did you know that our verbal message influence in our interlocutors in just 7%, the vocal message in 38% and the visual message in 55% of the time we try to transmit a message. Just add the vocal and visual message and you will get a 93% of influence in our message.

That powerful is the video.Visual interaction creates personal connection and builds trust.Currently there are over 90 BILLION videos viewed per month in the USA alone. YouTube is the #2 search engine on the Internet, and it only is a portal to user-created videos.

  • Video marketing will not only increase your online presence, it will also build your brand name.
  • We can help you produce a video marketing campaign from start to end. From recording it to published all over the Internet.
  • Video marketing is here to stay. The moment is now, to take the most advantage of it.