Emails have become the new generation way to send a letter and much more than letters. 90% of Internet users go on-line to send or read e-mails and 57% of them do it daily. That’s a lot of people reading about you and your products or services!  With this big opportunity to expand your customers data base, e-mail marketing is an essential component of your marketing strategy. As a business owner, you always want to maximize sales, keep your prospects information, engaged with them and turn them into raving fans by giving them professional automated follow up through email.

Let me share you some statistics

  • 44% of e-mail users said they were inspired to make at least one on-line purchase
  • 41% of e-mail users said they were inspired to make at least one off-line purchase
  • The average person needs to see or hear about your product 7 times before purchasing
  • E-mail reaches a broad audience at low cost
  • E-mail campaigns can effectively generate repeat business
  • E-mail is GREEN!!  Your environment will thank you!
  • We design, help you optimize the redaction and coordinate a rotation of specific campaigns that will keep the traffic open more your messages and come through your doors to invest money with you.