Five Reasons Why Google Docs is Better than Excel [List]

Microsoft Office Suite has dominated the document, word processing and spreadsheet market for many years now. It is the most used, widely accepted document processing suite in the whole world. After years of total domination, Google challenged Microsoft by coming out with its own productivity suite. Enter Google Docs.

Google Docs is a web-based product that costs, well, nothing. It’s free. It lets users create and edit different types of documents and offers online data storage. In January 2010, Google Docs allowed its users the ability to store data of up to 1 GB each online. This does not include documents that were created using the suite. People who have not used Google Docs before are asking if Google’s gamble is better than Excel.

Here are five reasons why Google Docs is better than Excel.

Google Docs vs Microsoft Excel


Cost: free! Microsoft Office can set you back by about US $500 for the full professional version. Students can get it for around US $150. Sometimes, you can get a discount if you upgrade to a higher version of Microsoft’s productivity suite. But if you have a tight budget, Google Docs is definitely your saving grace.


It’s easy on your computer’s resources. Google Docs is cloud computing at its best. All you need to do to use Google Docs is to open your browser. It does not need to open software on your hard drive like Excel.


Document storage is handled by Google servers. You don’t have to worry about constantly saving your documents because Google does it for you. It saves your work every few minutes. If the power goes out, the internet connection gets cut, or your computer decides to conk out, there’s a copy of your document in the Google servers. You can access your document using devices other than your standard computer or laptop.


Performs like Microsoft Office. The tasks that you often do on Excel, Word and PowerPoint, you can do in Google Docs. It has its own set of tools for formatting documents. Google Docs is easy to use so it is easy to migrate to this productivity software.


Collaboration with other users is easy. Apart from the fact that you can export your documents from Google Dogs to other formats, this productivity suite also lets others view or edit the documents you made. Sharing and publishing is quick and simple.

If you are a current Microsoft Office user, why not try Google Docs for a change. See if Google’s product can increase your productivity beyond its current level. Don’t turn it down right away. You might be surprised that Google Docs has features that are worth your while and are missing in Microsoft Excel and its other siblings.

Lots of folks are now switching to Google Docs because it’s now considered the most productive free application today. Obtain responses from those who actually tried it by doing a people search and find out the advantages and disadvantages of Gdocs.


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