What’s the benefit of using paid online services like Adwords?

Paid online advertising like Google Adwords (also known as pay-per-click advertising) can enhance your overall online marketing program but you shouldn’t rely on it exclusively.

Before you go spending money though, get an online marketing expert to help you research the best keywords to focus on for your ads.

Also, you should consider using Facebook ads, especially if you have a business page set up on Facebook. You can target specific locations, demographics, likes, etc. on Facebook that you can’t… Continue reading

Once I do an online marketing campaign, why would I need to manage it month after month?

Would you run just one ad in the newspaper and expect it to continue to generate calls or foot traffic? It’s the same thing online. You want people to find you when they’re looking online, which means you have to stay fresh!

Keep in mind that search engines and directories treat your messaging like grocery store produce. There is a “sell by” date on almost every piece of digital information. If you’re not putting fresh content on your shelves, you… Continue reading

How do I capture leads for my business using the Internet?

You capture leads online by offering something of value for free, in exchange for prospects’ contact information which they enter into a form on a Web page. Depending on your business, it can be a special report, a buyer’s guide, a regular newsletter, a coupon, a free consultation or assessment, etc.

Request a personal consultation so we can help you determine the best, most affordable way to capture leads online for your business.


What is social media?

Social media are online channels or services that people use to communicate with friends, followers,subscribers and others with like interests. They all have social features including the ability to “like” another member’s messages, rate a service, product or experience, post reviews or comments, etc.

The most prominent examples include YouTube (more than 300,000,000 visits each month), Facebook (more than 500,000,000 members), and Twitter (more than 200,000,000 members).

Another significant social medium for local businesses is Yelp! With 39,000,000 monthly visits,… Continue reading