Facebook for Business

¿Mira Por qué te va a encantar Facebook Timeline?

When Facebookers began thinking about the design for Timeline, the name for the new look and feel of Profiles, they reached for books more often than browser tabs.

As a result, while the new Facebook Profiles might look a bit like a WordPress or Tumblr theme, they actually have a lot more in common with a physical scrapbook or a box of old photos once you start using them (and most users will be able to activate the new options… Continue reading

Facebook Changes Present Interesting Business Dilemma

Initially there was the Facebook persona profile and, since that was all we had, businesses jumped in and made the best of using this not so ideal business tool.

Then came business pages and again businesses embraced them and in many cases tried to separate business and personal with this approach.

With the recent overhaul of the personal profiles another kind of use has been created – one that may have some business folks moving back to the personal profile.… Continue reading

Claves de Marketing en Facebook

Facebook es indudablemente una plataforma esencial para el marketing de muchas grandes y pequeñas marcas pero, ¿las prácticas que se están llevando a cabo son las más efectivas? Michael Scissons, CEO de Syncapse, y su equipo analizaron durante horas las acciones que llevan a cabo algunas de las marcas más populares en Facebook y descubrieron que si no se empiezan a desarrollar acciones más efectivas, pronto serán incapaces de captar el valor que hay en los social media. Pero… Continue reading