7 Tips for a Mobile Friendly Website

Look around on the train, in the coffee shop or in the lunch line at the deli, and you’ll see people on their smartphones checking sports scores, catching up on Facebook—or shopping. Consumers are increasingly shopping via their smartphones; in fact, a recent AT&T survey found that four in 10 small businesses said that customers found their website through a mobile device. Continue reading

11 Qualities of an Effective Social Media Manager

Despite all the buzz about social media, the reality is that your social media campaigns are only as good as the human being(s) behind them. Going “viral” on social media sites is extremely rare, and instantaneous success is a myth. Being an effective social media manager is both an art and a skill. Some personalities are more inclined to be successful at managing and inspiring online communities, but the vast majority of practitioners will need months, if not years, to learn to produce social media success through a process of trial and error. Continue reading