50 Ways to Leave an Impression on Your Blog Readers

There are literally millions of blogs in the world. According to Pingdom, there were 70 million blogs on WordPress and 39 million blogs on Tumblr at the end of 2011. That’s not even counting self-hosted blogs and blogs on other platforms. With so many blogs out there competing for the attention of your readers, how do you make your blog stand out in their minds? If you don’t want them to slip out the back, Jack, you may need to make a new plan, Stan. Because yes, there must be [at least] 50 ways to leave an impression on your blog readers. (My apologies to Paul Simon.) Continue reading

New Gmail Image Feature Makes Email Marketing More Social

Last week, Gmail introduced a new feature allowing users to share inline images from emails with their Google+ networks. Since the 2011 announcement of the integration between Google+ and Gmail, Google has now taken yet another step toward integrating email and real-time social networking. And this topic should concern you, my fellow marketer. Continue reading

You cannot ignore Google+ for your business

When Google+ emerged last summer, people’s reactions were to be expected. The early adopters were all over it. But for most people who were already suffering from social media fatigue — their response was “oh no…not another site for me to maintain!” And many people simply opted out, not wanting to use/try yet another social networking site. All along, I have been saying that it simply could not be ignored. Continue reading