Company description: Marketing Innovations Group help local businesses in Orlando Florida squeeze the juice out of the Internet, implementing different marketing strategies to make their businesses get found online with a five stars reputation. After we help your business get found with a great online reputation, we help you convert those visitors into leads and follow up with those prospects automagically until they become new customers. Marketing Innovations Group have 13 years of experience helping local businesses apply different marketing techniques and in all this years we have learn and prove that any kind of business must build online a five stars reputation before investing any money on marketing. The people is connected online more than ever and they have learn to search online and read others feedback before making buying decisions. At Marketing Innovations Group we help you build or maintain a five stars reputation and then and only then help you market your products or services, engage with your ideal prospects and convert those potential prospects into more sales. We are based in Orlando Florida but we also provide our services personally to all Central Florida local businesses and virtually to all the states.

Mission: Help local businesses get the best advantage from the Internet by developing a five-stars reputation and market their reputation, services and products, by combining advanced marketing strategies with innovative tools to help businesses grow exponentially.

Company Overview: Marketing Innovations Group along with his team aim to help local businesses and entrepreneurs to take advantage of powerful Internet marketing platforms, combined with mobile platforms to get the best visibility and traffic of potential customers searching for your product that can become in new leads and sales. In our strategy we create a powerful combination of web pages pleasing to the search engines, with informative videos that interact strategically with social networks and follow up automagically to increase engagement with your prospects. This process allow your company achieve greater results and get the best ROI.