6 Amazing Things Twitter Can Do For Your Business

Articulo-2witter is a necessary marketing tool for your growing business. Whether you’ve already got a personal handle or you don’t even know what a “handle” is, you’ve got to know how to most effectively use Twitter to bring good things your business’ way.

Here are a few of the best, most amazing things Twitter can do for your business – and they’re all free! Ah, the beauty of social media.


6. Bring in New Customers

Well, obviously. Few mediums in history have made it so easy to reach so many people at once, and if you play your cards right you’re bound to score some new business with your Tweets. The key to gaining new customers by using Twitter lies in healthy balance of promotional and non-promotional Tweets, incentives to your customers, and creative content worth sharing. Hardee’s, for example, uses humor on Twitter to attract a young target audience.

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5. Cement Current Customers’ Loyalty

Twitter is a fantastic tool for communicating with current or one-time customers. Domino’s Pizza is legendary for their quick responses and consistent interaction with Twitter followers and customers. Whether replying to an open question directed at the brand or simply thanking individual Twitter users for signing up for your mailing list, Domino’s knows people love to feel special. Knowing your business has an active, actual human manning its Twitter account? Priceless.

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4. Establish You as an Industry Expert

Content is king when it comes to marketing your business on social media. By properly tying in your site’s blog (ahem…your site should have a blog), articles you find relevant, and conversations with fellow industry professionals you can quickly convince your followers you’re worth listening to. Nike does a great job of this, answering nearly 80% of all Twitter questions directed at the brand. Cultivate relationships with people who are already interested in your industry and you’re halfway home!

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3. Make Useful Business Connections

Who says Twitter is only useful for talking to paying customers? If your peers or even competitors are on Twitter take advantage of the opportunity and establish a relationship. Far more casual than a business lunch, a Twitter conversation can end with a partnership, new positioning ideas, or even a better understanding of how your competitors stay on top. People in your industry are your most valuable resource. Use them.

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2. Correct Mistakes and Mend Fences

Statistically, customers tell twice as many people about bad service as good service. Thankfully Twitter makes it simple to get in touch with these people. If you already know someone’s had a bad experience with your brand, reach out to them (privately.) And if someone is spouting off about how terrible your business is, address what they’re saying publicly and professionally and offer a solution. Airlines like American and Delta, as well as some huge hotel chains like Hilton, are using Twitter as a real-time feedback line and improving customer service.

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1.Give Your Brand a Voice

Sure, it may sound new age but every brand has a voice. Think of established brands: Apple is quirky and creative, Volkswagen is oddball, and Taco Bell is immature and fun. You brand can have a voice, too, and it makes you more relatable to consumers! Use Twitter to establish your conversation style, your tone, and your overall business “voice” and find people online who speak likewise.

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Twitter is a fantastic marketing tool if you know how to use it. Businesses often overlook the big Twitter picture in favor of more followers, but you know better. Remember all the great things Twitter can do for your company and never feel slave to the numbers again.

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